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11.03.2019 09:08

Alice in the Land of English
Yesterday, the first meeting of the English language club for preschoolers and their parents “Teddy...

05.03.2019 13:06

The American version of the international reality competition premiered in 2000 on CBS. The television...

04.03.2019 09:45

Do you want to be a volunteer?
February 24 - March 2, 2019, Peace Corps Week commemorates President John F. Kennedy's establishment...

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About English-speaking countries again

16.04.2018 05:58 (
April 11 the Kherson “Window on America” was attended by the pupils of the Kherson school №27. The topic of our meeting was “English-speaking countries”. Children learned much information about the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Ireland. We also had some games and a quiz. The ...

Advertising and Media Literacy

16.04.2018 07:12 (
Wikipedia defines advertising as a promotion of goods, shows, services, etc. in order to attract consumers’ or viewers’ attention or dissemination of information about someone, something.Therefore, the theme of the Saturday media literacy course was advertising itself as a resource that could ...

Let's talk about ourselves

16.04.2018 07:43 (
April 15 the library’s Window on America” weekly talk-club meeting was attended by 7 users. Club members were speaking about themselves. The questions to answer were: how do you like to spend your weekends, what do you like more to stay at home or go somewhere, are you sociable person, do ...