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17.07.2018 08:31

 An edition of «TOEFL iBT Premier 2016-2017» was given to the Kherson WOA Center by...

12.06.2018 06:34

Clubs holidays
June 10 the library’s Window on America” weekly talk-club meeting was attended by 10 users....

09.06.2018 11:37

The Kherson WOAs summer
June 7 the Kherson “Window on America” was attended by pupils of the school 54 and pupils...

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News > WOAs chessmen

WOAs chessmen

19.10.2017 10:37

The Kherson WOA center used its 3D printer to create its own chess set. But these are not just chessmen. They are small copies of many American skyscrapers. Thus the king is the copy of the Willis Tower in Chicago, the queen is the Empire State Building, the rook is the Hearst Tower, the bishop is the Chrysler Building, the knight is the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle, the pawn is KOIN Center in Portland. So in the WOA center users can not only play chess but also look at the most famous America’s skyscrapers simultaneously.