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Time management trainings
Time management trainings are held weekly in WOA for people registered in the Kherson Regional Employment...

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How to Be Successful in Life
March 19 the library’s “Window on America” weekly talk-club meeting was attended by...

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Saint Patrick's Day
March 12 the library’s “Window on America” weekly talk-club meeting was attended by...

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Foreign Language Department

Between 400 and 200 B.C., the Indian grammarian Panini produced the first language study to meet rigorous linguistic criteria.He compiled a grammar of Sanskrit that linguistics still admire as a model of precise and sophisticated description. During the Middle Ages, many people thought  all languages came from the Biblical Hebrew. According to linguists, there are about 6,000 languages spoken in the world today. This number does not include dialects. Many languages are spoken only by small groups of a few hundred or a few thousand people. There are more 200 languages with a million or more speakers.

In our department you may find the answers on the following and many others questions:

- How can learning a foreign language help you?

- How many languages are spoken in the world?

- What is the difference between syntax and morphology?

- What are some reasons why languages change? 

- What is the chief language family?

Welcome to our department! 

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