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19.11.2018 11:52

Arrested .... skyscrapers!
The Visitors trained the brain in many ways and one of this was to play chess, during the training, which...

19.11.2018 11:00

How to beat corruption
 On November 18, 2018 there was a meeting of the English Conversation Club. The members of the club...

14.11.2018 10:18

Anti Corruption Brain-Ring
    On November 18, 2018 there will be the English Conversation Club. The Kherson WOA...

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Jubilees of 2018

22.01.2018 07:14

January 21 the library’s “Window on America” weekly talk-club meeting was attended by 22 users. Club members were speaking about jubilees of 2018. Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” is 65 years old. James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Pioneers” is 195 years old. Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Gold-Bug” is 175 years old. And our favorite Mickey Mouse is 90.