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23.04.2019 09:30

New laws and environmental problems
Kherson WOA’ s guests got acquainted with Delaware state in an unusual way. They watched a video,...

21.04.2019 11:45

World Press Freedom Day
May 3rd marks the 26th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day. This year, the worldwide commemoration...

21.04.2019 08:37

Mind battle and 12 Angry men
The 3rd year students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology of Kherson State University continue their...

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News > NASA and exploring the Universe

NASA and exploring the Universe

31.10.2018 09:48

Welcome to our “Window on America” center Speaking club on November 4, 2018. Are aliens real? Is there life on other planets? Let’s talk about walking on the Moon, Mars colonization, and astronaut selection process.

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