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13.12.2017 11:12

WOA received teachers again
 December 13 the Kherson “Window on America” center was attended by foreign languages...

11.12.2017 07:53

16 days of activism
From 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December,...

02.12.2017 13:07

Volunteer Day
December 5 is International Volunteer Day. It is an international observance designated by the United...

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News > How Well Do You Know USA Presidents?

How Well Do You Know USA Presidents?

28.08.2017 08:58

August 27 the library’s “Window on America” weekly talk-club meeting was attended by 11 users.

Club members were speaking about American and Ukrainian presidents. They had to answer quiz questions, recognize them on portraits, recollect the consecution. It was difficult, but some questions we answered correctly. They are: who was the first president born an American citizen; who is the only president to hold a patent; who was the first president elected who had previously been divorced; who was the tallest and the shortest president; what presidents are on Mount Rushmore.