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21.01.2019 11:53

Alaska is a U.S. state in the northwest extremity of North America. There, in the ice-blue underwater...

14.01.2019 12:08

 Learning about the history and traditions of your nation, going back to your roots is important....

08.01.2019 11:45

Alabama is nicknamed the Yellowhammer State, after the state bird.The yellowhammer became the official...

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Advertising and Media Literacy

16.04.2018 07:12

Wikipedia defines advertising as a promotion of goods, shows, services, etc. in order to attract consumers’ or viewers’ attention or dissemination of information about someone, something.Therefore, the theme of the Saturday media literacy course was advertising itself as a resource that could affect people's thoughts and form a right or wrong attitude to the subject of discussion. While watching various videos, the course participants expressed their views on the main purpose of these films. For example, for what are wedding rings given during a courting and a wedding? What does it mean? When did this tradition come? How this tradition is used for advertising and so on. How a Petrushka’s hat or a boomerang should be advertised to be bought? This was the main task for the groups. What will be the next week? We are waiting.