Саричев, В'ячеслав Д.

Три століття козацького флоту [Текст] = Three Centuries of the Kozak Fleet / В'ячеслав Саричев ; англ. пер. Г. Остапенко ; худож. Є. Саричев ; упоряд. картогр. матеріалів О. Черненко ; Нац. заповідник "Хортиця", Благод. фонд "Хортиця". - Запоріжжя : Кераміст, 2015. - 136 с.

The history of Zaporizhzhya Kozaks is inseparably connected with the sea campaigns and battles. That’s why it is considered to be the history of the Kozak fleet as well. From the late 15th to the late 18th centuries that fleet helped the Kozaks to challenge the confrontation and interaction of Western and Eastern civilizations and protect Ukrainian people from destruction. Taking this into account, the author believes the popular opinion about the historical period of the legendary “chaika’s” existence (from 16th to 17th century) to be arguable. While the Kozaks existed in the place of intersection of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Ottoman Empire and Russia Empire’s expansion directions, their fleet continued to be a significant factor of geopolitical transformations in the Northern Black Sea and the Sea of Azov regions.

The edition is published in English and in Ukrainian. The book is intended for everyone interested in the history of Ukraine and Zaporizhzhya Kozaks.



  • Introduction                                                                   5
  • Motherland of Zaporozhzhya Kozaks                              10
  • Return to sea                                                                26
  • From monoxylons to chaikas                                          47
  • Bazavluk — Bosphorus                                                  55
  • New times                                                                    67
  • “Novomanernaya kazatchiya lotka”                                  75
  • To the North Black Sea Coast                                         93
  • Under the Clatter of Zaporozhzhya Hopak                        103
  • “Zaporozhzhya-boats” or the Faith of the Kozak chaika      119
  • Afterword                                                                     125
  • Memorable dates in the history of the Kozak fleet            129
  • Recommended literature                                                134

Кальниченко Олександр Анатолійович.

Історія перекладу та думок про переклад у стародавні часи

навч. посіб. для студ. 5 курсу ф-ту інозем. мов освіт.-кваліфікац. рівня "Магістр/спеціаліст" ден. форми навчання
Х. : Вид-во ХНУ ім. В. Н. Каразіна, 2013.
ISBN 978-966-285-012-3


Українська культура в англомовній інтерпретації [Текст] : навч. посіб. для студ. вищ. навч. закл. / Я. В. Бистров [та ін.] ; за заг. ред. Я. Бистрова ; М-во освіти і науки, молоді та спорту України = Discovering Ukrainian Culture: Issues in Practice : a resource book for students / Edited by Yakiv Bystrov. - Вінниця : Нова Книга, 2013. - 146, [1] c.

Discovering Ukrainian Culture - this is the title of a new manual we already have in the library’s foreign languages documents department. The manual comprises representative blocks of Ukrainian social cultural reality in English. There are cultural stereotypes and lifestyle, Ukrainian customs and traditions, tourism and migration in Ukraine, latest developments in social life, and Ukrainian fiction in English translation. The manual will be helpful for linguistic cultural competence improving.





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