Why about women journalists? Because so few of these women have been publicly recognized for their accomplishments. Because, through their writing, so many of these women have been instrumental in helping to change society.

  What makes a person extraordinary? To be extraordinary means to be exceptional, to stand out from others, to be extra-special. Do exceptional people share certain qualities? Can one set out to become extraordinary, or is one simply born with that capacity?

  Some of these women did, indeed, seem destined to become extraordinary—they came from families where the extraordinary was considered ordinary, and they lived up to the high expectations placed upon them by their parents. Others did not think of themselves as extraordinary, but were faced with extraordinary circumstances.

African-American Women's Voices in Journalism

Women Printers and Publishers in Colonial America

Anne Newport Royall

Christiane Amanpour 

This information is only for education purpose, and was taken from ' Extraordinary Women Journalists' by Claire Price-Groff. - Children's Press, USA.