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What is eLibraryUSA? This is a virtual library with 9 databases of authoritative and continually updated information available to you. eLibraryUSA has an online access to millions of publications, scholarly journals, audio, video, and other multi-media content. The electronic resource eLibraryUSA can help students and teachers in writing bachelor’s theses, course works or even dissertations.

All Resources:


Read popular newspapers from around the world and U.S. magazines in an easy-to-read and browse format.


Access the latest issue of popular magazines in the U.S. including National Geographic, Entrepreneur, Wired, Fast Company and Popular Science.

Gale Academic OneFile

A great resource for students and teachers for research and study. Search your topic in 8,000 academic journals.


A searchable database with journal articles focusing on the social sciences, economics, and history.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database

Contains 1.5 million dissertations and theses written by graduate students from over 700 universities.

Gale In Context: Middle School

Read and research any topic in over 1000 journals, newspapers and magazines. Geared to 11-13 year old students.

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

Learn the view of experts on controversial and debated topics, and read articles on these topics in thousands of newspapers and magazines.

Digital Literacy

A database on digital literacy including how to create a podcast, social media campaign, multimedia presentation and other digital projects.


Stream from a selection of over 100 documentaries exploring the most inspirational and interesting contemporary topics in the United States.


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