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You studied English at school and can answer the questions “Who is on duty today?” or “Do you speak English”. Maybe you use university level English grammar and can translate technical texts but cannot speak to American people fluently. Maybe you are going to take part in a popular program “Work and Travel”. So you urgently need to improve your English. So our Speaking club “English for Everybody” is a proper place for you.


Here you can:

  • Take part in club meetings free of charge
  • Improve your colloquial skills

In addition:

  • We develop spoken English but don’t study grammar. Meetings are very easy.
  • To become a club member you have only to be registered in the library.

Our address is Heroyiv Krut st., (Dnipropetrovs'ka) 2, 3-rd floor, Foreign languages documents department.

We meet every Sunday at 11.00.

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