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You studied English at school and can answer the questions “Who is on duty today?” or “Do you speak English”. Maybe you use university-level English grammar and can translate technical texts but cannot speak to American people fluently? Maybe you are going to take part in a popular program “Work and Travel”? So you urgently need to improve your English. Then our Speaking club “English for Everyone” is a proper place for you.


Here you can:

  • Take part in club meetings free of charge
  • Improve your colloquial skills.


  • We develop spoken English but don’t study grammar. Meetings are very easy.
  • To become a club member, you have only to be registered in the library.

Our address is Heroyiv Krut st., (Dnipropetrovs'ka) 2, 3-rd floor, Foreign languages documents department. We meet every Sunday at 11.00.

Speaking club meetings in the video:


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