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Blackout and Speaking Impacts

17.01.2022 12:40

«Blackout» is the topic of English for Everyone Speaking club at Window on America in Kherson. But what is «blackout» and where did the word come from? It is borrowed English language term, used to describe a situation in which the supply of electricity is completely stopped.

For example, «Night of Terror» in New York is one of the biggest Blackouts. On July 13, 1977, lightning struck the power line. As a result, 9 million city residents were left without electricity for 25 hours. The lack of lighting has led to a massive wave of violence and looting across the city. New Yorkers have long remembered this event, and our participants have new words and terms on this topic. Club members reflected in many situations and improved their ability to speak English. We are waiting for you in Honcharivka!


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