• Interesting passages

    05.08.2020 14:40 

    When working with children, I want variety, even in reading, so this time we read five passages and checked the third tongue twister. Every child impresses with their attitude to knowledge! We wish ease way and inspiration to each of our participants in learning English at the Kherson Center "Window ...

  • Keep it up!

    03.08.2020 10:35 

    The Good Reads online club at Window on America center in Kherson continues to work fruitfully by reading and learning tongue twisters. Children are so responsible for studying English that it seems that it’s not summer, but an academic year!

  • Fantastic and Adventure

    22.07.2020 16:56 

    It is a pleasure when all the members of the club have done their homework, and to the question: "Do you wanna new task?" - all answered: "Yes!". Young readers of the Good Reads online club at  Kherson's center "Window on America" gave preference to fantastic and ...

  • The Passive Voice

    20.07.2020 10:01 

    The passive voice is a specific grammatical construction. Usually, this is a topic in the English language that causes a lot of difficulties, questions, and even suffering. The beast is not so fierce as he is painted. It's easier than it sounds. The online English grammar club at Kherson's center ...

  • Story Maker

    16.07.2020 16:10 

    Every child is a little creator and dreamer, a fan of fairy tales and adventure stories. This time, the members of Good Reads in Window on America Kherson preferred fairy tales and horror stories. We created, read, and translated together. The horror story seemed funny to them, and it was interesting ...

  • Habits – Used to

    13.07.2020 11:54 

    We all had habits, and we have habits. Do you know how to talk about habits using used to, would, be used to, and get used to? At first, it seems that they are the same, but each of them has a different meaning. The Grammar Club in Window on America in Kherson devoted one hour to this topic, therefore, ...

  • The Most Important Thing in the Life

    08.07.2020 12:22 

    Birthday is the most important day for every child, that's why we started our online English Reading Club at Kherson’s center Window on America with the congratulations for two birthday girls. We wished them all the best in their lives using English language. On the wave of positive emotions, ...

  • Do We Have to Study English? We Should Study English

    04.07.2020 11:32 

    MUST, HAVE TO, SHOULD - do you know the difference in the use of these modal verbs? All of them are used to express the possibility, ability, probability, desirability, necessity. When communicating, you should also know some of their features, for example, MUST can be used only in the present tense, ...

  • Goldilocks and Three Bears

    01.07.2020 14:33 

    As always, one hour of the online English Reading club at Window on America in Kherson was useful for our visitors. First, we listened to the Goldilocks fairytale read by native speakers. We continued by reading, translating, and answering questions. It was very interesting for the children to watch ...

  • Learn English in Summer

    27.06.2020 13:43 

    English Grammar club and summer mood seem to be incompatible things, but we are walking together with Window on America in Kherson! During the next online meeting, we remembered Past Continuous Tense and watched funny interactive videos with tasks. At first, it seems that Past Continuous is one of the ...


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