• The Legend of Washington Irving at "English Anytime"

    03.04.2024 19:35 

    On April 3, at the meeting of the "English Anytime" club, we celebrated the birthday of the outstanding American writer Washington Irving. He is considered one of the fathers of American horror literature, and his famous story "The Legend of Sleeping Valley" gained worldwide popularity. ...

  • Talking about clothes in English

    22.02.2022 14:53 

    Clothing is an integral attribute of our life, so you should be able to call it both in native and foreign languages. Therefore, the participants of the club Easy English for Kids, after the Body, began the next one - Clothes. It would seem that the topic is simple, and our visitors know how to name ...

  • Debate and Role Immersion in Improving English

    21.02.2022 16:49 

    English needs interest in learning and training language skills, so the participants of the speaking club English for Everyone in Window on America Kherson center were happy to return to the well-known role-playing intellectual Debate game. Divided into teams, the participants argued the proposed ...

  • We test English while playing

    15.02.2022 14:36 

    The highest level of gratitude is different for everyone. In the "Window on America," Kherson's center the gratitude is the desire of children to gain new knowledge and experience great fun from English classes that last longer than at university sometimes. An optimistic atmosphere prevailed ...

  • What is love for you?

    14.02.2022 13:35 

    Love soars in the air on Valentine's Day and during the English Conversation Club at the Kherson Center «Window on America». Although everyone agrees that love should be felt and celebrated every day, we do not always remember it. So at least on this day, express your love for family, ...

  • Revising Is Important

    09.02.2022 21:27 

    To memorize words better, repeat them several times. If you are in good company and do interesting exercises, it means that you are a member of the Easy English for Kids speaking club. While doing various activities and playing language games, the club visitors revised the English words on the topic ...

  • English Language Games Day

    08.02.2022 11:49 

    The next meeting of the English Speaking Club at Window on America in Kherson had an unusual format. The attendees were divided into groups and played language games. We offered four board games: Taboo, Apples to Apples, Cathy's Cards, and The Scrambled States of America to our visitors. The expectations ...

  • English for Kids? Easy!

    01.02.2022 19:48 

    Working is faster, and learning is more effective if you do it in a good mood. The young members of the Easy English for Kids club are never bored at our meetings. We always find time to play and move no matter what topic we study. This meeting was not an exception. This time the visitors repeated the ...

  • Debates at English Speaking Club

    01.02.2022 11:36 

    The next meeting of the English for Everyone Speaking club was entirely devoted to the debates. The positive aspects of this type of speaking activity are evident. The participants in the debates express their opinion proving its correctness. The discussion can be exciting and therefore relieves psychological ...

  • Feel like a president

    24.01.2022 14:54 

    The members of the Speaking club at Window on America in Kherson had the opportunity to feel like the president of the United States. Our guests trained their English-speaking skills, imagining themselves as the head of USA, they not only solved the issues raised but also improved their knowledge. We ...