• English forever

    07.04.2020 17:26 

    Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library and the Window on America Center in Kherson take care of your health, so we have changed the conditions of learning and went "online". Today we had a lesson for the visitors of "English for beginners" who wished to continue ...

  • About Education and Careers

    30.03.2020 09:57 

    EducationUSA in Ukraine invites senior teachers, social educators, school psychologists, youth workers and parents to take a new online course «З учнями про освіту та кар’єру». Upon successful completion of all modules and final testing, a certificate (8 hours) is issued, which can ...

  • Women in Science

    26.03.2020 10:54 

    Rachel Ignotofsky, a writer and New York Times illustrator, published her first book ‘Women in Science’ to spread her message about powerful women and their significant influence. ‘Women rock!’ she says and confirms her thoughts with the history of 50 researchers from various ...

  • Smart Koala smartpen

    17.03.2020 11:17 

    Do you or your children want to know English but don't want to cram the words? Then you should try the smartpen Smart Koala, which recently arrived at the Foreign Languages Department of the Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library. The Robot Smartpen reads in English, Ukrainian ...

  • Results of the Creative Competition Write On!

    12.03.2020 10:36 

    During February Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library hosted two stages of the international competition “Write On! Ukraine” initiated by the US Peace Corps in Ukraine. In total, 124 participants from 11 Kherson schools had the opportunity to show their creativity. This ...

  • Have you ever been to London?

    11.03.2020 17:00 

    If you want to ask an English-speaking friend about his travels to London without using Present Perfect - 'Did you go to London?', you will hear the answer: ‘I had to go to London? When?’ After all, when talking about our life experiences - what we’ve tasted or which countries ...

  • Beatles + Cinemates

    06.03.2020 09:02 

    The second meeting of “Cinemates” English movie club at Window on America in Kherson had the opportunity to watch the short comedy film “Paul is Dead” by George Moore. Club’s facilitator, Sarah Rosenthal, explained new vocabulary. She described interesting and idiomatic ...

  • We're going to the library

    04.03.2020 17:08 

    ‘I am going to visit my grammar club at the library’. In this sentence, the subject is ‘to be going to’. We usually use it to talk about plans and intentions. Also, we spoke about the books that we are going to read at the next meeting of the English Grammar Club at Window on ...

  • Whether the weather is warm

    04.03.2020 16:28 

    Weather is the most common topic for polite communication with a stranger. We studied to speak about this subject at Easy English for Kids Club at Window on America in Kherson. They learned new words through short videos and various exercises. Together, we quickly said the ‘Whether the weather ...

  • We Will Rock You in the Library

    02.03.2020 09:32 

    The visitors of the next meeting of the Speaking club at ‘Window on America’ center in Kherson spoke about the history and different types of rock music. But most of all they wanted to dance. It is impossible not to dance while listening to Chuck Berry's song "Johnny B. Goode". ...


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