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Fake or Fact? How to Recognize

28.11.2021 11:05

They say that lies will bypass the hemisphere before the truth has time to put on shoes. The reasons for spreading false information can be different: from the desire to quickly raise the channel or site rating to the imposition of the desired point of view. The first thing that makes a fake - causes us bright emotions (anger, fury, sometimes delight). The training within the project "Information Comfort Territory" teaches that one should distance oneself from emotions, critically regard heard or read information and check it. How can you learn to detect misinformation and treat the content you distribute responsibly? We discussed this issue during the meeting with high school students of Kherson Gymnasium № 6.

During the event, we considered the criteria which helped determine the reliability of information sources. All present knew effective tips to help avoid the misinformation. In addition, with the help of practical exercises, the participants tested their awareness of this topic. Most of them coped with this task very successfully. That means that our meetings are important, helpful, and productive.


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