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Talking about clothes in English

22.02.2022 14:53

Clothing is an integral attribute of our life, so you should be able to call it both in native and foreign languages. Therefore, the participants of the club Easy English for Kids, after the Body, began the next one - Clothes. It would seem that the topic is simple, and our visitors know how to name a few items of clothing in English, it is somewhat more difficult to write these words. So the young guests were happy to recall the spelling while playing on the interactive whiteboard, paint the clothes in the proposed color and then describe what they wore their painted character. By the way, the habit of dividing clothes by color into pink for girls and blue for boys appeared only in the 40s of the 20th century. Previously, parents chose the color of things, focusing on the color of the eyes or hair of the child.

As always, we will hold several classes on this topic to better master the material. Join us, our young lovers of English!