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About Money: Making and Saving It

18.11.2019 10:35

A big amount of money will not ensure our happiness, but without it our life will be more complicated. The members of the Speaking club at Window on America in Kherson agreed with the proverb «The best things in life are free», but at their opinion our present day would be more comfortable with a stable income. During the meeting we played the game «Earth, Air, Water» to remember the names of different professions in English. Working in pairs the interlocutors shared job ideas for their partners considering his or her preferences in life and study. The club visitors had the opportunity to earn some «virtual money» by answering questions about the topic. The participants selected the questions by their value (the more difficult the topic is, the more you earn) and answered them together and in groups. One of the conclusions we made is that if you want to save, you should spend less than you earn.


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