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Debates at English Speaking Club

01.02.2022 11:36

The next meeting of the English for Everyone Speaking club was entirely devoted to the debates. The positive aspects of this type of speaking activity are evident. The participants in the debates express their opinion proving its correctness. The discussion can be exciting and therefore relieves psychological stress when speaking a foreign language. However, the facilitator must choose the right question that will interest the audience. She should also suggest two opposing answers and divide the audience into groups, which will offer arguments in favor of their point of view. It is vital not only to follow English language rules but also to respect each other. The debate should not escalate into a quarrel. Nina Kachmar and our speaking club members successfully implemented all requirements. Confident and witty visitors discussed the topic: who are better - cats or dogs? Or what is more valuable - intelligence or beauty?

What arguments would you suggest, and which group would you join? We offer to discuss this at the next meetings of the club on Sunday at 11:00.


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