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How Many or How Much?

16.11.2020 08:33

Probably each of us at least once confused how to ask in English about the amount of something: HOW MUCH or HOW MANY? That's why we dedicated an hour of the Grammar Club meeting at Window on America Center in Kherson to remember this topic. Everything is quite simple. You need to remember 3 rules, and you will never make mistakes again:

1. ‘How many’ is used with countable nouns, and ‘how much’ is used with uncountable nouns.

2. So, we should ask about money ‘how much’, but there is a small trick. It turns out that you can ask about money ‘how many’ if we speak about a particular currency.

3. Another trick. Liquids, gases, and food can be countable nouns and thus used with ‘how many’ instead of ‘how much’. It happens when we talk about containers (bottles, boxes) and units (pounds, gallons).


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