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How We Perfected the Perfect Tenses

12.06.2021 15:21

The English Grammar Club at Window on America in Kherson continues to revise the Perfect verb tenses. This time participants practiced Past Perfect which helps to talk about time up to a certain point in the past. It is also called the pluperfect and sounds confusing, but the club members quickly dealt with the topic. They even had enough time to speak using this tense and share interesting facts about the English language. For example, there were masculine and feminine earlier in English. Or although this language didn't use punctuation until the XV century, there is now the so-called Oxford comma besides the usual punctuation characters. The Oxford (or serial) comma is the final comma in a list of things. For example, I drink coffee, tea, and juice.

Before the summer break, we will remember a few more grammar topics and learn many interesting facts.


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