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Was American captain John Paul Jones a Ukrainian Cossack?

07.05.2019 07:38

American captain John Paul Jones, one of the founding fathers of the US Navy, was accepted (maybe) into the Cossacks, but this was not confirmed by historical documents. On April 23rd, 1788, John Paul Jones received the rank of Rear-Admiral from Catherine II under the name Pavel Jones. He arrived in Kherson in May of 1788, and was placed under the command of Hrihory Potemkin, along Sydor Bilyi and Anton Holovatyi. The residents of Kherson are very pleased that John Paul Jones lived in our city during his stay in Ukraine. Window on America Kherson could not disregard the famous captain. Together with the O. Honchar Library Internet Center coordinator, two city tours “American Admiral John Paul Jones in Kherson” were conducted. The students from the Polytechnic College and from Tavria Lyceum of Arts, who were present at the events, saw the places known to them from the new side. At the center “Window on America” those who want to explore the historical documents related to the stay of John Paul Jones in Kherson can look through the permanent books and documents exhibition.


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