• Time Management means managing your time well

    13.09.2021 14:42 

    In today's world, everyone, especially young people, has many opportunities. However, to be able to organize tasks that are constantly changing, you need to be able to manage your time. It is for this reason that the English-speaking club «English for Everyone» at Window on America in ...

  • Repetition Is the Mother of Learning

    07.09.2021 13:18 

    We all remember how our first lessons after the holidays started with repeating what we had learned. So the children did the same at the "Window on America"  in Kherson on the first September session of the club "Easy English for Kids". Repetition gives very good results, ...

  • Take a step towards fluency in English

    06.09.2021 14:44 

    Learning to speak English fluently on any topic and feel comfortable is the dream of every English lover, so with the help of the English for Everyone club at Window on America in Kherson, you can do it. After the summer break, each first meeting begins with the traditional theme of Summer Vacation. ...

  • English and a happy atmosphere

    30.08.2021 13:00 

    The members of the Easy English for Kids club at Window on America in Kherson ​​studied English in a happy atmosphere and enjoyed the last Sunday of summer. They made up words and sentences, played a game of numbers, did races, and burst balloons, inside of which, the children found notes with tasks, ...

  • Let's get to know the world with Good Reads

    26.08.2021 14:48 

    At the next meeting of the Good Reads English Reading club at Window on America in Kherson, the members preferred the story of Ginger the Giraffe. The children learned what kind of problems animals face in one of the most famous countries in Africa, and how they solve them. Kenya does not have the usual ...

  • It doesn't matter how you dress, it matters how you think.

    25.08.2021 15:19 

    About 100,000-500,000 years ago, people began to wear clothes, still relevant to this day.In a new lesson in our weekly Sunday children's club "Easy English for Kids" we stadied the types of clothes for boys and girls, played "Shopping", solved the crossword and the fieldwork, ...

  • Homework

    19.08.2021 12:00 

    «Homework Yuck» is the story for the Good Reads online club at «Window on America» in Kherson. It tells us about a boy who does not want to do his homework and, thanks to his ability to express his thoughts to teachers, the hero achieved reducing homework after school. Our ...

  • Choose a hobby

    16.08.2021 12:47 

    Learning foreign languages is one of the most useful hobbies. What are the most popular hobbies in the world? The first place is sports, the second is collecting. Well, the third place was shared by hunting and fishing. We studied the types of hobbies in our weekly Sunday Easy English for Kids club. ...

  • Reading is the best diet for the brain!

    12.08.2021 12:35 

    Members of the Good Reads online club at Window on America in Kherson read "Junk Food - What It Is, What It Does" by Judith S. Seixas. Children received information about the food we commonly put into our bodies, the dangers of many different junk foods, and the negative effects it can have ...

  • Traveling with Easy English for kids

    09.08.2021 15:26 

    Absolutely every person once in life goes on a journey. And, of course, he uses different types of transport to get to your destination. We studied the types of transport in our weekly Sunday Easy English for Kids club. With the smartpen, Smart Koala learned how new words are pronounced correctly, directed ...


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