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Motivate. Believe. Act

25.07.2019 15:24

Yesterday, the last event MotivatiON took place in WOA Kherson. This was a 3-day intensive for teens 13-18, who want changes and want to start a proactive life.

On the first day, the participants got to know each other and played teambuilding games. The organizers, Anastasia Khalaimova and Anastasia Shekhovtsova, spoke about the project’s objectives. On the next day, Ivan Dudyak (one of the organizers, delegate of EYP Ukraine, UGS semifinalist and a participant in other projects) spoke about different organizations and programs for teenagers such as Flex, Competitive College Club, LEAF Academy and others. Also Whitney Cravens visited us. She is a Peace Corps volunteer and she shared her experience in this organization. On the last day, Whitney came to us again with Nikita Kotsegub, a Flex finalist and a student one of the USA University. He told about some intricacies of the project, about his enrollment in Minerva Schools, which tests you need to write and how to complete the applications.

Oksana Sakhno, leader of the Kherson Youth Initiative Group "Kipyatok", began her speech from the game. She divided visitors into two teams and invited them to make small projects for their city. The results were interesting and impressive.

Thanks to the MotivatiON program, participants realized that if you have the motivation, you can achieve anything you want. The main thing is believe in yourself and try something new.