New Books

  • The Atlas of the World, the Louvre and more

    12.09.2019 11:28 

    Editions in English:   Жданова, Ирина Федоровна. Англо-русский экономический словарь = English - Russian Economic Dictionary : около 60000 терминов и терминологических словосочетаний / И. Ф. Жданова, Э. Л. Вартумян ; ред.: Т. М. Никитина, Л. В. Рысеева, М. Ю. Килосанидзе. - 2-е изд. - Москва ...

  • Let's Study with Us

    12.09.2019 11:07 

    If you know a foreign language, you feel comfortable with native speakers, you are ready to travel around the world, meet the people in any country or have business talks. Knowledge of foreign languages is of great value for every person in modern life. Here are some new guides for those who is learning ...


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