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Prepositions of Movement in English

27.11.2020 11:22

During the next meeting of the English Grammar Club at Window on America in Kherson, we spoke about the prepositions of movement. Prepositions are supposed to be a simple topic. However, it causes some difficulties for those who study English. They describe more shades that you should consider when speaking. For example, many sources say that the prepositions round and around are used equally, without changing the meaning. However, there is a small difference, especially in British English. If we say 'he was running around', it means that the moves were chaotic. And when we use 'round', it means circular movements. The Club members got acquainted with the main prepositions of movement, understood their lexical meaning and grammatical features, did several exercises, some of them online - on tablets. Using the studied constructions, the participants told about their visits in their free time.


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