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"Good Reads" is an online club for communication and reading for children and teenagers aged 10-15 years. During the online meetings, participants will improve their vocabulary, read an interesting story together, and chat with friends. Club meetings are every Wednesday at 11 a.m.

If you want to join the meetings, please contact Window on America in Kherson or call 068 941 3765.






Club meetings in the news:


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Family Values and Reading in English (23.06.2021)

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Valentine's Day and More (14.02.2021)

Home Is Where the Heart Is (7.02.2021)

Amazing Reading (31.01.2021)

Fairy Tales Are Always in Fashion (23.01.2021)

Winter Readings (17.01.2021)

Why an Elephant Can Escape from the Circus (10.01.2021)

The Two Gifts (3.01.2021)

Santa's Time Machine (27.12.2020)

Winter Mood (20.12.2020)

Sweet Reading (13.12.2020)

Alice in Wonderland (6.12.2020)

Stories for Moral Education and English Study (29.11.2020)

A Magic Ring (22.11.2020)

The Story of Yes & No (15.11.2020)

Ray Bradbury and Special Delivery (8.11.2020)

We Read and Conjure (1.11.2020)

Halloween and Horror (25.10.2020)

Never Give Up (18.10.2020)

Adventures in English Reading (11.10.2020)

Children and Science (4.10.2020)

Reading and «Hide and Seek» (27.09.2020)

Funny Story for Reading (20.09.2020)

We Read the Most Interesting Stories (13.09.2020)

How King Midas Helps to Study English (6.09.2020)

New Week - New Story (26.08.2020)

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (19.08.2020)

Fixed Fairy Tales (12.08.2020)

Interesting passages (5.08.2020)

Keep it up! (29.07.2020)

Fantastic and Adventure (22.07.2020)

Story Maker (15.07.2020)

The Most Important Thing in the Life (8.07.2020)

Goldilocks and Three Bears (1.07.2020)

Join Good Reads Club (24.06.2020)

Kindness is more important than strength (17.06.2020)

Let’s read with the library (10.06.2020)