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Our suggestions for Summer Language Camp

11.06.2019 13:12

Hot weather does not give you a good rest, does it? Are you bored and you want to do something interesting and useful? Well, come to the foreign language department and the center "Window on America". We have a lot of interesting things, for example, an interactive table and an interactive board with the large number of educational games for children and adults. A 3D-printer is also a very interesting device. The employee works at the library and can tell/show you and your child how this machine works. Do not forget about the novelty of the department - Bike Book Desk, from which all visitors are delighted. So, it isn’t surprising that the children from the school-garden No. 40 visited our literary puzzle “Book stories or stories about books,” in which they remembered the stories and the names of fairy-tale heroes, guessed which heroes they became and created their fairy tale. They remained in the department after the event and have met our new tech from "Window on America" and Maker Space.


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