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Try to Be «Agony Aunt»

11.10.2021 10:19

Who is an agony aunt? The visitors of the English for Everyone speaking club tried to guess this during the next meeting at Window on America in Kherson. It turned impossible if based on the meaning of the words, so we asked the Cambridge Dictionary. So, an agony aunt is a person, usually a woman, who advises people with personal problems, especially in a regular magazine or newspaper article. After discussing whether it is worth asking for advice and giving it at all, the club members tried themselves in the role of such an aunt. Nina Kachmar, the club's facilitator, prepared phrases in English that helped the audience ask questions and start answering. Our visitors liked this role-playing game. They even selected the best advisers.

The most important thing for us is that the club members were so fascinated by the topic that they did not notice they speak English fluently, which is the goal of the speaking club.


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