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All you wanted to know about American holidays

15.12.2019 16:53

At today’s meeting of the Speaking club at Window on America in Kherson Sarah Rosenthal gave a blitz review of American holidays and traditions. She compared them to Ukrainian customs and traditional dishes with the help of club members. It turns out that we celebrate equally or very similarly Mother's Day, Independence Day, April Fool’s Day and Valentine's Day. Unlike Easter and Christmas are more family and religious holidays in Ukraine. The visitors were very sorry that there was no Tax Day in Ukraine. For Americans, this is a real holiday because later on, depending on the profits, they are paid back some of their taxes, which is usually a nice amount! Each attendee received two drawings: fireworks, hearts, crown, shamrock, rainbow or other official and unofficial holiday symbols. They had to complete and write down the task according to their drawings. For example, they had to write down 4 things they are lucky to have in life on Shamrocks. Our visitors asked others their symbol questions after discussing the holiday traditions with Sarah.


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