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Always Be in a Good Mood and Study English

05.12.2020 15:09

Every week the English Grammar Club members meet at Window on America in Kherson. Learning grammar is a serious matter, so during the meetings, we do a lot of exercises, … play games, laugh, and have fun. Positive emotions help a lot and are significant when speaking about difficult topics. This week we studied the adverbs of frequency (always, usually, often, etc.). We learned about their position in the sentence, played a board game and cards. Cathy’s Cards are a great help for speech development. Using the studied topic, the participants answered questions such as: ‘What makes you angry? Why? How often are you angry?’ ‘Do you like to go to the zoo? If yes, what do you like to see there? How often do you go there?’

We invite you to have fun with us on such a serious matter.


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