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06.11.2019 10:52

New exhibit provided by the America House Kyiv «Gallery-on-the-Go» program has arrived and can already be seen in Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library. Its name «Americana» tells us about its topic – the landscapes of the United States. Through his photographs Ewan MacDougall, American diplomat, wanted to show that uncritical acceptance of anything you see/read/hear is the road to misunderstanding and manipulation. During five years living abroad from 2012-2017, the impressions of America Ewan received from foreign news and social media seemed dissonant with his own personal understanding of the country he’d grown up in. These photographs were taken in 2017 during a long «Home Leave» in between two overseas postings. Diplomats should spend a minimum of a full month in the United States to reacquaint. Exhibited photos show the USA from Venice Beach to Montauk; from mountain top to canyon floor; from city to desert; from red state to blue.

You can also get acquainted with Ewan MacDougall American views by visiting Window on America Kherson (3rd floor) until November 28.


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