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“Write On!”: awarding winners

21.02.2019 14:12

February 4, for the first time, the Kherson “Window on America” joined the “Write On!” creative writing contest, which is held annually by the Peace Corps in Ukraine. 

Today, the winners of the competition came to us to receive their prizes. All awards handed Whitney Cravens, Peace Corps volunteer which followed the rules of the event.


Our winners are:

Yaroslav Sadovyi, 6th form, Gymnasium 6

Rafael Moroz, 7th form, Gymnasium 6

Maryna Bogdan, 7th form, Gymnasium 6

Oleksandra Demianova, 7th form, Gymnasium 6

Taras Olefirenko, 8th form, Gymnasium 6

Eugenia Podurets, 9th form, School 30

Alevtyna Kravchenko, 9th form, School 30

Oleksandra Boyko, 9th form, School 30

Yelyzaveta Rudchenko, 10th form, Gymnasium 6

Sofia Kolesnikova, 10th form, Gymnasium 6

Anastasia Khalaimova, 10th form, Gymnasium 6

Daria Gakh, 11th form, Gymnasium 6

Yulia Ageienko, 11th form, School 30

Thanks to everyone who took part in the competition!


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