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The Culture of Academic Integrity and its Protection at the Legislative Level

15.04.2021 15:01

The next training within the School of Information Comfort was held online. Kostyantyn Kaposhilin, the lawyer, highlighted the question of the culture of academic integrity and its protection at the legislative level for «Law» and «Law Enforcement» students of Kherson State University.

Mr. Konstantin described the effective mechanism of copyright protection, taking into account his own experience as a lawyer and author of a book. He also gave comprehensive professional answers to all questions of the audience.

The discussion resulted in two important conclusions:

1. We must pay for the information we consume. We should not misappropriate the results of someone's work (scientific, musical, literary work, film, etc.).

2. An important role belongs to the educational function of jurisprudence. The higher is the moral culture of our country's citizens regarding the proper use of other people's intellectual property, the fewer copyright issues will arise.

The projects of the Oles Honchar Library and the Kherson Center Window on America fulfill part of this mission - the education of a culture of academic integrity. We invite everyone to join the educational activities at the School of Information Comfort. You will feel more confident in the world of information, know how to protect your rights and how not to violate others' rights.


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