• Easy English for Kids and their Parents

    11.05.2021 12:40 

    Easy English for Kids speaking club invites children from 6 to 10 years old to have fun in English. During our speaking club meetings the children will: - learn to speak English; - enrich their vocabulary; - have favorable conditions for overcoming the language barrier; - learn some English ...

  • Choose to Become Successful

    10.05.2021 11:43 

    The women's career club «Window to Success» at Window on America in Kherson is one of the ways to believe in you and find like-minded people. For several months, active women read Rania Anderson's book «Undeterred» and put her advice into practice. On Saturday, our visitors ...

  • What Are Linking Words for?

    08.05.2021 15:19 

    We dedicated the next meeting of the English Grammar Club to linking words because they can make our language richer and clearer for English-speaking people. In addition, they can provide a higher score when passing any exam. Linking words are connecting elements used to convey information clearly and ...

  • We Are Developing Confidence, We Are Studying English

    27.04.2021 12:41 

    The way to success lies through small or sometimes big obstacles. Acceptance of the situation and self-confidence help to achieve the goal. For improving English language skills, the Good Reads online club in Kherson Center Window on America had chosen the motivating story The ...

  • A Friend Indeed

    26.04.2021 14:34 

    Friendship is a concept that exists in every language and nation, so the «English for Everyone» Speaking Club at the «Window on America» Center in Kherson decided to discuss this topic. Traditionally, the participants answered the questions of the club's facilitator Svitlana ...

  • Transitive or Intransitive English Verbs

    24.04.2021 13:52 

    At least once in the life, each of us has said: «I'll start doing this on Monday!» And few people actually did it because of a lack of motivation or support and like-minded people. The same is about learning a foreign language. We all want to know at least one foreign language and speak ...

  • English Reading Club Online

    20.04.2021 11:57 

    Young but purposeful English language lovers visit the meetings of online club Good Reads at Window on America in Kherson every Sunday. They happily spent an hour of their free time reading. Together they read and translated Laura Appleton-Smith's «Mister Mole's Stove», which tells ...

  • Culture of Responsible Consumption

    19.04.2021 14:50 

    Responsible consumption is a vital topic among economists and ecologists today. Those who care about nature see buying less clothing and appliances as one of their responsibilities. During the next meeting of the English Speaking Club during a regular meeting at Window on America in Kherson, the participants ...

  • The Mysteries of Stonehenge and Other Historical Monuments

    19.04.2021 11:46 

    The Department of Documents in Foreign Languages has prepared a book exhibition for the International Day of Monuments and Historic Sites. This date aims to preserve and protect cultural and historical sites around the world created by human efforts.  There are historical monuments that everyone ...

  • The Culture of Academic Integrity and its Protection at the Legislative Level

    15.04.2021 15:01 

    The next training within the School of Information Comfort was held online. Kostyantyn Kaposhilin, the lawyer, highlighted the question of the culture of academic integrity and its protection at the legislative level for «Law» and «Law Enforcement» students of Kherson State University. Mr. ...


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