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Digest for English Language Speakers

15.03.2021 13:52

For English language lovers, we have prepared a weekly digest of club meetings at Window on America in Kherson. Each of these meetings brought participants new knowledge, impressions, and the opportunity to improve their English. The English Grammar club was dedicated to an interesting topic - personal and possessive pronouns. Did you know that only personal pronouns can be used as a subject? So it would be correct to say: "My friends and I go to the library." Saying: "My friends and me…" would be a mistake. At the English for Everyone speaking club, the topic forced us to change the format. Usually, members of our club ask native speakers questions to better understand American culture. But this time our foreign guests asked questions, they tried to immerse themselves in Ukrainian customs and family traditions. On Sunday, online members of the Good Reads club learned from a fairy tale they read not only about the universe, but also about self-esteem and self-discovery.

Honcharivka is glad to welcome each of you to our cozy and informative library!


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