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28.12.2019 10:00

Bayeté Ross Smith is an artist, photographer, multimedia artist and filmmaker from Harlem, N.Y. He has exhibited his work internationally and from now in Kherson too. His exhibit “Discernment” visited Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library thanks to the America House “Gallery-on-the-Go” Program. Its purpose was a study of notions and stereotypes, and when if ever, they are valid. The exhibit is divided into two series: “Taking AIM” and “Passing”.

“Taking AIM” is a series of targets that raise the questions: who is considered a victim, and who is considered a threat? “Passing” examines how nationality impacts our perception of identity, commonality, character, and value. This series places photographs of the same individuals on photographic reproductions of several different passports from around the world.

Visitors of this exhibit mostly agree with the author's ideas. However, all people are different, and the work “Three Black Men” retained the attention of the young students. Unexpectedly they liked the most “the hooligan”.


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