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Mad races in English-speaking countries

28.05.2019 14:06

The project "Summer in the Library" in foreign languages department and Kherson Window on America center began with a country studies quiz. Events have been prepared for students of any school age, therefore, junior pupils and 10th grade students have already checked their knowledge, skills and ability to work in a team. The quiz is divided into 6 stations by the names of the largest English-speaking countries. Elementary school students liked the station "Ireland" and the game "Hopscotch". The children threw a stone and chose to answer questions or to perform an action suggested by the librarian. Senior students were interested by "Follow the leader" task at "United States" station. This game teaches you to work in a team and to choose a good leader. Finally, both groups got acquainted with the wonders of the Kherson "Window on America". They did the exercises on the interactive whiteboard, visited different countries on the interactive table and drove more than one kilometer to the bike book desk.


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