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I recommend the book

29.09.2019 15:49

The day before All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries, a meeting of the English Speaking Club at Kherson Window on America center was devoted to books, writers and reading. Warming-up activity was «True or False», and during this game club participants learned a lot about American and English writers. For example, adult Mark Twain was fond of wearing white suits, so he showed his attitude to life. And Jack London is known for his hard work, he wrote 15-17 hours a day (1000 words). That's why he wrote about 40 books during only 41 years of his life. Our visitors guessed well-known authors looking at their photos and searched for correspondence «the novel - the protagonist». The club members exchanged their thoughts about books and readings at Speed English. At the end of the meeting we had a literary quiz on a bike book desk. Our guests had to ride on an exercise bike and answer multiple choice questions at the same time. Try it yourself, it was not as easy as it seemed!


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