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In cooperation with Kherson State Agrarian University

19.10.2020 11:03

Honcharivka and Kherson State Agrarian University continue their cooperation. This time the students of the Department of Management and Information Technologies had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the technical equipment of the library. The students visited the Internet Center, Window on America Center, Maker Space, and the service department. During the event, visitors heard a review of new management publications available in Honcharivka. They learned about modern equipment for 3D printing, gained the first practical experience of using a 3D printer ‘Mankati’ as well as gained skills in preparation and processing of 3D models in the program ULTIMAKER CURA. The attendees got acquainted with the work of the plotter and digital microscope on Maker Space, assembled a robot Lego Mindstorms, used 3D pens, and danced with a game console PlayStation 4 Pro. The visitors traveled around the world with WOA’s interactive table, learned about the didactic benefits of using audio pens when learning a foreign language in Window on America in Kherson. The equipment to facilitate the reading of people with visual impairments and a device for reading in Braille was also presented to them.

We hope that our joint work with Kherson Agrarian State University will continue because the library has a lot to offer and to interest.


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