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Information Day for English Teachers

18.01.2020 14:19

Information Day at the Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library is a good tradition for teachers who have advanced training at the Kherson Academy of Continuing Education. This time, a new group of English teachers came to the Department of Foreign Languages and Window on America Center in Kherson. The services that could be useful in their professional activities were presented to them. Today, the library constantly cooperates with educational institutions, and therefore we shared some effective methods and techniques. The head of the Internet center, for example, suggested ways to use QR codes in English language lessons. The attendees had a great opportunity to combine language practice and the extension of their professional experience. Hannah Ferguson, Peace Corps Volunteer and English teacher, spoke about the requirements for teachers existing in the United States of America and about her teaching experience at a Kherson school. Her practical tips provoked a great interest to our visitors. So, a lot of practice, new newspapers and journals, educational games, useful sites - all this was presented during a very informative event.


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