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Interesting facts about Christmas

23.12.2019 11:15

Winter holidays begin soon. They bring joy to both children and adults. That’s why on December 22, we spoke about Christmas at a meeting of the English Speaking Club at "Window on America" in Kherson. The date of the birth of Jesus Christ has not yet been established by historians, but it was first celebrated on December 25, 354 AD. Many interesting traditions are related to these days in different countries. The British, for example, prepare for the holiday since early December. They search for gifts and holiday pudding products. They make this dish well before Christmas. It should contain all sorts of dried fruits, nuts, spices, black treacle and lots of sherry or brandy. Children believe that Santa Claus leaves presents in stockings or pillow-cases. Instead, Australians celebrate mostly at the beach, they play croquet and swim.

Sarah Rosenthal, Peace Corps Volunteer and our Club facilitator, spoke about the most interesting and amazing facts about Christmas in the United States. Visitors saw the lights on New York's Christmas tree, the cookies prepared for a holiday table in American families, heard the Christmas carols in English. We knew about a very interesting tradition to search for hidden pickles. Those who find the pickle first will be lucky next year. The club members who found the hidden images of pickles received small souvenirs from Sarah and pleasant search experience. We also spoke about a special spirit of Christmas. For most of us, it has warmth, family care, support of friends and parents.


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