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Marshmallow + English

20.06.2019 11:56

Every student is faced at least once in his life with writing academic papers. Therefore, during their visit to the Center Window on America, the 2nd year students of Kherson State University were presented the electronic resource eLibraryUSA, which can help students and teachers in writing bachelor’s theses, course works or even dissertations. What is the eLibraryUSA? This is a virtual library with 9 databases of authoritative and continually updated information available to you.  eLibraryUSA is online access to millions of publications, scholarly journals, audio, video, and other multi-media content.

There was also a traditional speaking club where students trained to work in teams. The Marshmallow Challenge involves several teams competing to assemble the tallest freestanding structure in a given time period with set materials. After that, students watched videos from TED's with Tom Wujec about this challenge. Finally, our visitors created Top 10 Kherson region attraction list and presented the favorite ones to the others.



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