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Minnesota, the Star of the North

02.12.2019 11:30

No one can tell about his hometown (or about his home state) as a person who lives there and loves it. Sarah Rosenthal, a Peace Corps volunteer, is certainly proud of Minnesota. During her first meeting with the participants of the Speaking club at Window on America in Kherson, Sarah told many different and funny stories about herself and her homeland. We listened to the singing of the polar loon, a Minnesota bird symbol. It is easy to confuse with the howling wolf. This state is known for many inventions, Scotch tape for example. This northern winter state is famous among other Americans for the sincerity and friendliness of its residents. Without exaggeration, they are ready to do anything to avoid any conflict. A small video watched by club visitors showed the characteristics of Minnesota residents in life and funny situations. We look forward to other exciting stories from Sarah at the next English Speaking Club.


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