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Intellectual quiz? Okay

24.06.2019 14:43

Okay is a town along the east bank of the Verdigris River in Oklahoma, United States. The population was 620 at the 2010 census, but it has been noted for its unusual place name. Okay's history as a community began about 1806, when a French trader named Joseph Bogy established a trading post there. The settlement had various names before 1919: Coretta, Falls City, Rex, North Muskogee. The name Okay was adopted on 18 October 1919 after the "O. K. Trucks" brand of oil tankers made at a factory built there by the Oklahoma Auto Manufacturing Company.

Is there a town named Okay in the United States of America? It was one of the questions of «Truth / False» round of the intellectual quiz «Mind Battle» in «Window on America» center. The 2nd year students of Kherson State University performed various tasks of the quiz. The topics of competitions varied from the invention, which allowed the modern man to read faster than before, to counting the number of muscles in the cat's ears. The main thing was to show English language knowledge and general knowledge.


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