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Our Present Has to Be Perfect

10.04.2020 13:21

If we want to improve our English, we need to understand the Present Perfect Tense. This is a tense that doesn't exist in the Ukrainian language, but it is used in everyday English speech. We started learning this difficult topic before quarantine at the English Grammar club meetings in Window on America center in Kherson. Now we continued our learning online. The first problem that everyone faced was how to use the web conferencing app. However, our desire to improve our knowledge is so great that the technical complications have not stopped the regular visitors of the club. Together, we repeated how Present Perfect is formed. We have also studied several uses of it in speech. The attendees made sentences and did some exercises to learn this grammar topic. We also discussed current issues regarding quarantine and healthy ways of behavior. It was a pleasure to meet friends and regular visitors again.

We invite you to join our meetings next Thursday at 14.00. Follow our posts on the library site and social networks!


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