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Quarantine Restrictions in Ukraine and the United States

30.11.2020 12:31

There are no restrictions for those who have a goal and do all their possible to reach it. The library was closed on weekends, but the Speaking club at Window on America in Kherson didn’t stop its work and met online with the facilitator Svitlana Zorina. Thanks to the help of our native speakers Tom Laughlin and Francisco Santillan, this week, we were able to compare the attitudes of Ukrainian and American citizens to various prohibitions and restrictions. The most actual example of recent times is COVID-19, of course: masks, weekend quarantine, and testing. The participants concluded that Ukrainians react more calmly in general about restrictions and even find something useful or funny for themselves in this situation. Instead, Americans are more insistent on their point of view and protest actively. Learning a foreign language means understanding foreign culture, and our Sunday meetings help to do it.


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