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Results of the Creative Competition Write On!

12.03.2020 10:36

During February Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library hosted two stages of the international competition “Write On! Ukraine” initiated by the US Peace Corps in Ukraine. In total, 124 participants from 11 Kherson schools had the opportunity to show their creativity. This year, university students and professionals also took part in the contest. Peace Corps volunteers who live and work in our city now moderated and evaluated creative essays. Our winners are:

6th form:      Sophia Isayeva – 1st place

                    Arina Plyushch – 2nd place

                    Yevhenii Hohin – 3rd place

7th form:      Yaroslav Sadovyi – 1st place

                    Nastya Prin – 2nd place

                    Andriy Biliy – 3rd place

8th form:      Anastasia Kulichenko – 1st place

                    Nadia Dayoub – 2nd place

                    Sofia Asaulenko – 3rd place

9th form:      Iryna Izmaylova – 1st place

                    Kate Metelska – 2nd place

                    Ivan Kostenko – 3rd place

10th form:    Juliana Logvinova – 1st place at the Oblast level and the Local level (23.02.20)

                    Veronika Shevchenko – 2nd place at the Oblast level and 1st place at the Local level (19.02.20)

                    Kathlyn Baranyuk (19.02.20) Darya Ivanina (23.02.20) – 2nd place

                    Anna Omelchuk (19.02.20) Daria Kudryavtseva (23.02.20) – 3rd place

11th form:    Varvara Ignashova – 1st place

                    Diana Danchenko – 2nd place

                    Anastasiia Khalaimova – 3rd place

University 1st year:          Selim Girig – 1st place

University 2nd year:         Elena Ladushina – 1st place

University 4th year:          Illia Faran – 1st place

Professionals:        Elena Belyaevskaya – 1st place

                              Fedir Yarovyi – 2nd place

                              Irina Bugerchuck – 3rd place

The winners received their certificates and our sincere congratulations.


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