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30.01.2020 11:30

- The United States is divided into 50 states.

- The smallest state (Rhode Island) is only 4002 km2 and the largest (Alaska) is 1 717 854 km2.

- There is no official language at the federal level in the US, some laws—such as U.S. naturalization requirements – standardize English.

- Spanish is the second most popular language in the country.

The high school students of Specialized School No. 30 already knew these and other interesting facts about the United States of America. They played the Brain Ring in the "Window on America" Center in Kherson. The competition was divided into 7 rounds, including "Guess the Word", "Jumbled Words", "Crocodile", "Associations" and more. The most popular competition is “Crocodile”, where a team member used gestures and mimics to show American notions, and others had to guess in English. The hardest thing for students was to believe that Italian pizza is one of the most popular American dishes, as more than 70,000 km2 of pizza is eaten daily in the US! Winners and participants of the game received souvenirs from the “Window on America” center.


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