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Tips for travelers

21.10.2019 09:19

On October 20, a meeting of English Speaking club in Window on America Kherson was free and easy. The participants exchanged their own experiences and the most interesting impressions about their travels abroad. Unfortunately, none of us was in the United States. That’s why the most interesting facts our visitors watched in the video and learned for example that street dating is not encouraged among Americans. The attentive attitude of the U.S. government to the environment is evidenced by the fact that a significant portion of the land area in Nevada (80 %) is owned by federal government. These lands are reserved for wildlife refuges, forests, wilderness areas, monuments, national parks, and lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The participants shared their memories of different cities in Poland and Germany, learned when it is better to go to Bulgaria's ski resorts and what to look for while the holidays in Egypt.


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