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‘Titans’ for fans of English-language movie

27.02.2020 13:11

On February 26, 2020, the Window on America Center in Kherson first hosted ‘Cinemates’ Movie Club, led by Sarah Rosenthal, Peace Corps volunteer, and English language teacher at the Kherson National Technical University. We continued the theme of Black History Month in the United States. The visitors watched the movie ‘Remember the Titans’. It is based on a true story about the integration of black and white students at T. C. Williams High School in Virginia. Sarah Rosenthal discussed with the club members the issues of racism and segregation raised in this movie. The fragments watched by the visitors show the ways to resolve controversial issues through the story of Herman Boon, the new football team coach. According to the plot, an African American coach (played by Denzel Washington) overcomes many obstacles to finally turn a group of hostile young men into champions. The attendees also discussed the importance of sports competitions among US universities and colleges.


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