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We are motivated to learn English

19.12.2019 12:11

On December, 18, a Specialist Day for English Language Teachers, who have advanced training at the Kherson Academy of Continuing Education, allowed our visitors to share their own experiences and to listen to the advice of the guests of "Window on America" in Kherson. Hannah Ferguson, a Peace Corps volunteer, shared the tips she uses during her English lessons. We spoke online with Marie Snider from America House Kyiv. She emphasized that acquiring foreign language skills should not be like listening to lectures, because the most important thing is to use it in practice, in spoken language. She shared some of her favorite techniques and exercises.

During the event, teachers were able to see why visiting the library might interest their students. They took advantage of some of the most popular services. They drew with the 3D-pen at Maker Space, found our town Kherson on the oldest atlas in our library, read books in German using a Ting audio pen, and visited museums in Ukraine and all over the world with WOA’s interactive table.


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